Yoga, ommm…..

I’ve been feeling the need lately to give yoga another try.  I have practised it at various points during my life; before it became the big trend that it is now, on and off over the years and more consistently when I was training to run a marathon a few years ago, where I used it as a means to stretch my aching muscles and offer some flexibility after long runs.

I know that the benefits of yoga are many but I have just never enjoyed it.  I persevered in my practise, going to weekly hour long sessions during my marathon training because it was a means to an end; but as soon as I had done the run I never went back (which meant months of avoiding my instructor at the gym).

I had all but given up on ever getting my head around yoga, maybe it just wan’t for me?  And I was OK with that, after all, I exercise and meditate daily so I have both my mind and body covered.

I don’t know why I’m feeling the need to give it another go (it could be down to my recent switch to Instagram which frequently shows me limber women in all sorts of bendy positions), although I do know that my body would benefit from it.  I am so inflexible after years of exercise with very little stretching (my lack of stretching was my badge of honour, yeah that came back to bite me on the ass), I don’t know if it is even reversible.

I’ve been having this feeling for a little while and I have been giving PiYo a go.  PiYo is a Beachbody production (think Insanity, PX90, T25) and offers yoga / pilates type workouts but in more of a cardio way.  I have enjoyed the stretching and it has given my morning workouts some variety, but I feel like in a way I’m missing the point.  I want to do yoga to get all of the benefits, and for that I feel like there shouldn’t be any whooping and high fiving (as much as I love Chalene Johnson, the PiYo instructor, and the classes), rather a calm environment where I can stretch both my mind and my body.  While I’ll continue to include PiYo in my routine for days when I don’t want a major high intensity session, I need to investigate other avenues for my yoga practise.

Of course the universe heard that I was ready and put an option in front of me immediately.  Deliciously Ella spoke in an article about how she uses an online streaming service to supplement her own yoga sessions and so I looked at the provider she uses.  Yogaglo has hundreds of classes from many renowned yoga teachers online for use any time for a monthly subscription fee of $18.  I was dubious at first, after all, I might not like it or use it as often as I think I might and do I really want another monthly subscription?  I worked out though that for approx. £12 a month, I’d only really need to use it twice a month (the cost of two yoga sessions) to get my moneys worth and I know that I’ll easily do that.  There are classes to choose from in three different categories (body, heart and mind) and you can also tailor your choice by class length and ability level.

So I signed up.  Initially I have a 15 day free trial and I can also cancel at any time so I think it’s a good decision.  I did my first class last night before bed (just 30 minutes at beginner level, I don’t want to over do it) and I must say, I felt the benefits immediately.  Not only did I get an amazing stretch in my hips and legs (where I am most tight) but I felt so blissed out afterwards; I think I’d have slept lovely if my 5 year old hadn’t had a nightmare about volcanoes.

I was thinking of making a rule with it, trying to make it a daily habit, but on top of everything else I don’t want that pressure so I’m just going to see where it goes.  Namaste 🙂

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