Weird start to the New Year

It’s been a weird week.  I find that the first week of the year usually is.  I enter it full of optimism, relaxed after a lovely break from the normal routine, only to be hit full force by the stress of the school run and the working week.

This year was no different.  I felt overwhelmingly positive coming into the New Year.  I thought that this year I had everything under control.  I didn’t make any major resolutions, I just felt sure that everything would come together for me.  At the end of this first week I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus.  I am drained, bloated, spotty, have lost control of my diet and have struggled to even get out of bed, let alone exercise.

Today I felt like I regained a little bit of control.  After motivating myself with positive Instagram posts, I managed to work out (and felt so much better for it), made myself a healthy breakfast of porridge, homemade almond milk, banana, apple and peanut butter AND went for a brisk walk with the dog.  

I also booked a holiday, yay!  Myself and my family will be going to Florida for a couple of weeks in July.  That, as well as the week I have booked in Cornwall with 28 friends to celebrate my husbands 50th birthday, and the week that I have booked in NYC at a mindfulness retreat (with Eckhart Tolle no less) means that I have a hell of a year to look forward to.

We also had an offer accepted on a rental property that we are buying.  Seeing it all written down like this, it’s no wonder that I’m tired.  That’s a lot to think about and a lot to achieve during the first week of the year.

Now that these major decisions have been made, maybe I can relax a little into the year and concentrate on achieving some of my career goals; maybe write that book that I keep on talking about.  I feel hopeful and positive that this year is going to be a great one for me; just got to keep on doing the work.  I’m excited for it.

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