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I’m coming to the end of week three of my four week detox and to be honest I’m a little disappointed.  I’ve only lost 4-5lb.  Yes 4 to 5lb, I can’t say which for sure because it fluctuates daily, this morning it fluctuated each time I stood on the scales.  Seeing as for the last 2 weeks at least, I have not eaten one little bit of junk, and for 3 weeks I’ve had no gluten, caffeine or alcohol, I was expecting more.  And seeing as I’ve also exercised really hard for 5 days of the week, I was definitely expecting more.  I’m not sure if I’m being unreasonable, after all, I’m not overweight per se.  But I was hoping that by not eating any crap, I’d drop the extra 8lb that I’ve been carrying since I hit my mid 30s.  If I had lost the 5lb by this point I wouldn’t feel too bad, though it would mean I’d need to loose 3lb in the final week.  But if it’s only 4lb, then I’ve got another 4lb to loose in the final week – pretty much impossible.  In fact it feels like I’ve just plateaued and I’m not going to loose another pound.

It worries me that this is my best game, I will probably never eat better than this, and I still am not at my ideal weight and my tummy is still not flat.  What happens when the detox ends and I return to my normal diet, is the weight going to pile back on?  I want to be able to have a balance where I eat healthy for the majority of the time and allow myself the odd treat, but that’s my problem, Im not good with moderation.  Often it is easier for me to abstain completely than to try and have a little bit.  It’s easy to say, just have a treat once a week, but not so easy to do.  Every day there will be something, Friday I have a cake at my Grandma’s house, Saturday is curry night, Sunday is roast dinner with dessert with my family, then it’ll be somebody’s birthday at work and another night we’ll be invited for a meal.  Before I know it I’ve allowed myself a treat every day.  And the more I have the more I definitely want.

I find it hard to say no to impromptu treat offerings, I don’t like the idea of depriving myself.  But often the idea of said treat is better than the taste.  Take today for instance; I went out for my nephew’s birthday, his choice, TGI Friday’s.  There was literally nothing on the menu that allowed for me to stick to my no gluten, dairy, sugar, processed food detox, as well as my newly started vegetarianism. I knew I would have to cheat and I chose the best option I could but even after eating that I felt terrible; full like I over ate. I haven’t felt like this since the start of my detox.

One of the things that I think is affecting my weight loss is the amount of beans I am eating.  I’ve gone from eating kidney beans in a chilli once a month, to eating mixed beans twice a day.  My tummy is really paying for it, not only am I very bloated (extra weight?) but I have terrible gas.  Not a good thing at all.

I’m hoping that during my final week it’ll all come together and I’ll achieve the results I want.  If not, I guess I’ll have to just keep going with it and hope for the best.  I suppose it is a lot to expect so much of a change in just four weeks?


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