The sun is shining…..

Doesn’t seeing the sunshine change your mood for the better.  I cannot believe how different I feel if I wake up and open my curtains to the sun rather than the usual grey skies and rain.  I suppose because in this country it’s such a novelty for us, even in the winter months, to see the sun shining.

It does make me laugh though how us Brits react to the sun.  The first sign of it and we’re all decked out in shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses etc etc and then are actually freezing because although it’s sunny, it’s still windy as hell.  It’s very rare that we get a day warm enough to warrant the wearing of our holiday clothes.  Regardless, though, of how cool it actually is in the sun, we still seem to get burnt and in the days after our one day “heat wave” we’re all walking around with red faces, strap marked shoulders and burnt chests.

Once decked out in our inappropriate summer clothes we’re off to our local park, which, for the remainder of the year remains desolate.  We bump into each other trying to go for lovely relaxing summer walks and are bumper to bumper with our picnic blankets on the grass.  But because it’s not what we’re used to, we forget the suncream (hence the burning), get stung by wasps and end up arguing with our other half over the kids who have gone hyper from the sudden infill of fresh air.  Then there’s the paddling pools in the garden for the kids (who are shivering and turning blue) and the planning of BBQ’s, which are always ALWAYS interrupted by the rain.  It’s like tradition, every time a BBQ is arranged it must rain.

The Europeans must think we’re bonkers.  Have you ever been abroad when it’s early season?  I have (I’ve actually sat on a beach in Spain in the rain with a towel over me waiting for the sun to return).  While us brits are walking around in shorts and vests, all pink limbed in the 70 degree heat (which let’s face it, is boiling to us), they’re still in their jeans and jumpers AND wearing a coat, because to them, it’s still winter.

Looking at it positively, we’re resilient us Brits.  We have to face all weathers with our unpredictable seasons and we handle it beautifully.  We can go from snow one day, to brilliant sun the next, yet we take it all within our stride (obviously we moan about it but that’s allowed, that’s what we do, we moan about the weather).  And I love our optimism, no matter what we’re faced with we’re still hopeful that “it’s meant to be nice this weekend.”  We’re rarely right but what can you do?

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