My little angel getting chicken pox ten days before we were due to fly to the USA for a three week holiday, was a little worrying.  At the time it didn’t feel very lucky – after consulting Dr Google, I realised that things could go horribly wrong.

For one, the pox could be absolutely awful for my little one to deal with; she could be covered head to toe in itchy blistering spots (that she’s not allowed to scratch) as well as feeling terrible with a fever, aches and pains and cold like symptoms.  This could last for weeks.

For two, I had never had the dreaded lurgy and as her main carer, the chances of it spreading to me were highly likely.  And all of the symptoms she had as a child, I’d have but with much greater severity.  Oh and if I were to get it, it’d likely be seven to ten days after Grace came down with it.  So I’d be in the nice oozy blistering stage trying to board our flight.  Seeing as I would be highly contagious, I’d be shipped off the plane and sent packing…and not to our lovely holiday destination.

So all looking good for our holiday!  For some reason though, I wasn’t panicked (and that is so not like me, especially with a holiday at stake).  I reasoned that we had ten days, the average time that the chicken pox lasts, so plenty of time for her to go through the healing process. Even if she still had some spots remaining, I decided that so long as they were crusted over and no longer contagious, I’d just take her to the doctors and get a letter okaying her to fly.

As for me getting it?  I felt a little invincible that the dreaded pox wasn’t going to get me.  Seriously though, I reasoned that all four of my sibling had had it while I was living in the same house as them; if I didn’t get it then, surely I was immune, or very very lucky, in which case I would be again.

So five days down the line and five days before we’re due to fly, guess what? We’re both covered in blistering spots!  Ha, I’m kidding; it’s miraculous, Grace has gone through the whole chicken pox process in five days..five days.  All of her spots are crusted over, many of them have already disappeared and the ones on her face are practically unnoticeable.  Don’t get me wrong, she has been really uncomfortable and we’ve had a few sleepless nights through itching, but she’s been really well in herself, no side effects and during the day, other than the unsightly spots she’s been covered with, you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with her.

I, of course, am putting it down to how I have managed the situation.  She has breezed through the illness due to my oat baths (advised by Dr Google and totally worked), regular administration of Piriton and my slathering her head to toe in calamine cream (not lotion, too thin).  I honestly cannot believe how lucky we have been.

As for me, well fingers crossed I am spot free so far.  I hope I am not tempting fate by saying this but I really think I am going to be fine.  It doesn’t bear thinking about, us having to change our flights or even worse me coming out with it while we’re there and having to stay in quarantine.  But like I said, I really believe I will be fine, eek, please be right 🙂


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