Lacking momentum…and birthday cake

I’m struggling to get myself back into a good routine with regards to working out and my diet is still up and down.

I have realised that training in the evening isn’t for me anymore, which is funny because before I had my daughter, I did all of my training in the evening after work and struggled to get up in the morning.  It’s a shame because I’ve been going to a great local circuit class once a week but the last two weeks I haven’t gotten there because I just haven’t got the energy after work / the school run etc.

The thing is, my window for training in the morning is very small and if I miss it, I miss out.  And it doesn’t matter how much I convince myself that I’m going to train in the evening, it rarely happens.

I’m bad enough for getting up early in the Winter at the best of times but since we’ve had our puppy a couple of months ago, I can count on one hand the number of nights I’ve slept through.  I suppose it is good that he’s waking us up to tell us he needs to go to the toilet but the last thing that I want to do at 2am is wander downstairs with a frisky puppy and open the door to freezing coldness to let him out to do his business.  To be fair my husband does the bulk of it but regardless whether I go down or not, I’m awake and once I am, I really struggle to get back to sleep again.  I’ll be lying there calculating how many hours I have left before I have to get up and jumping around my living room doing HIIT training is hard enough at 6.30am when I’ve had a full nights sleep; when I haven’t it’s torture.

It’s getting me down a bit because I feel like I can’t get any momentum going.  I don’t worry about exercising from an aesthetic point of view because I’ve realised that how my body looks is primarily a result of what I eat.  I could get away with training a couple of times a week if I ate well and I would be happy enough with how I look.  But I’ve come to realise of late that I NEED to train most days for my sanity.  Training, especially running, is a form of meditation to me; especially creatively, I feel like ideas flow when I’m pounding the pavements with nothing else to focus on but my next step.

I think ideally I need to do something physical and a little yoga most days to feel at my optimum.  It’s only thirty minutes twice a day which seems like nothing in principle but is something I really struggle with in reality.  I’m thinking about committing to one of my workout DVD programmes, Insanity Max30, again.  I find that I tend to stick to my schedule if I have it in writing what I need to do.  Maybe I’ll start the eight week plan next week.

As for my diet; it’s not too bad I suppose.  In fact it’s been pretty perfect all week but because I had some birthday cake for my mother-in-laws birthday today (and some after eights) I’m feeling sick and bloated and I’ve diminished my whole week of eating well into one terrible hour.

I’m doing OK; I’ll keep plodding on.  I managed to get up to workout this morning and I’m optimistic that tomorrow will be another success (without the birthday cake).

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