I’m not crazy, yay…..

Well I’ve had another week of feeling crappy and I really have started to feel like it must all be in my head.  I think those around me are too scared to ask how I am any more for fear of a lengthy conversations about my ailing body.  Last week I decided that my healthy eating regime is obviously not working as I’m feeling so bad, so one day I ate three packets of crisps and a Quorn sausage sandwich on WHITE BREAD, the next day, three bars of chocolate.  I know, clever right, like that’s going to make me feel any better (actually it did, momentarily at least).

Thursday I was on my way to work and, completely out of character for me, I stopped the car, called in sick and turned back home.  I decided to go and have my blood test, seeing as I’d had the form for over a week, and then go home and rest.  I felt better for not going in to work but still my symptoms were not going anywhere.  I’d feel OK for parts of the day but then the nausea would come on and the pains in my tummy and lower back.  

Saturday morning I was sat in my local soft play centre (the joys of having a 5 year old, parties at 10am most Saturdays – yay) when I had a call from my Doctors. I have been on medication for an under active thyroid for many years and it turns out that for God knows how long, I’ve been over medicating.  As I haven’t had a blood test for over a year, this could have been happening for months.  No wonder I’ve been feeling out of sorts, your thyroid regulates your whole body and my metabolism has been running too fast.  That explains the tetchiness and anxiety then.

I was over the moon to receive this call.  I literally felt like I was loosing my mind, I knew that I wasn’t imagining my symptoms and I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  I’m also pleased because my medication levels are coming down, which I am convinced is a result of my healthy living.  My levels have stayed the same since I had my daughter five years ago so there really is no other explanation.

I’m going to be tested again in six weeks or so and I’m hopeful that my medication will be reduced even more. I would love to come off the thyroxine and my inhaler for my asthma completely and I do believe this is possible.  This has given me the determination to continue with the way I have been eating, my yoga programme and my meditation.  Fingers crossed I finally start to see the benefits of it now (although I’m sure that two day binge don’t help).

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