Feeling iffy

Today has pretty much been a wash out.  I went out last night and had a couple of drinks with friends and today I feel like I’m good for nothing.

I know my tolerance for alcohol is pretty shocking, I suffer pretty much every time I have a drink; but if I take it easy, maybe have two max and just stick to red wine, sometimes I can get away with it.  Last night I had four drinks I think, of which I didn’t finish one and today I felt like death.  If I have a drink I don’t sleep well either which meant today today not only did I feel sick and lethargic but I also had that horrible jet lagged feeling that you get when you’ve had a bad night the night before.

To make matters worse, since I’ve been eating clean, pretty much every time I have Indian food my tummy gives me hell the next day.  I’ve tried to ignore it but it’s been pretty persistent, getting worse in fact as the months have gone on.  I’ve tried different sauces but it hasn’t made any difference, the next day I have tummy trouble and that heavy feeling in my gut all day.

I didn’t really want to have to give up Indian food as it’s a bit of a ritual that my husband and I have, a Saturday night curry.  He thinks I’m weird enough as it is with regards to the way I eat (and other facets of my life if I’m honest – what the hell, in my eyes, weird is good) but I was loathe to stop this weekly tradition as to him it’ll just be another thing that I don’t do.  I think I’m becoming unrecognisable to him from party loving, carnivore, junk eating girl that I once was.

Already I eat very little gluten, sugar, dairy and alcohol and I am a vegetarian; what else do I have to give up?  If alcohol goes completely and I can’t have my take away, what do I have left if I want to let my hair down a little?

Still, I have to listen to my body.  My stomach was cramping terribly today and because I felt so rough, I ended up eating two packets of crisps (my go to comfort food) and some chocolate (which instantly made me feel sick).

I think next week when I have my Indian take away I will try some dry starters, maybe spring rolls and onion bhajis with some salad and mango chutney   There’s little spice involved in that and I enjoy it.

As for alcohol, it’s been something I’ve been debating for a while.  I might have to give it a miss for a little while and see how I feel before I make the decision to abstain from it completely.

I’m taking it as a good sign though, my body is so used to the healthy food now that when I try to put anything into it that isn’t benefitting it, it wants to expel it instantly and tells me that it’s not happy.  I guess I just have to listen to my body and go with it, learning what I can and can’t get away with along the way.

On that note I’m going to bed, and yes it is 7.30pm, zzzzzzzzz.

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