Bonjour – je parle un petit peu francais

Bonjour!  Ca va? Oui, ca va bien merci, et tu? Comment tu t’appelle? Je m’appelle Kerry. Tu es d’ou?  Je suis Anglaise; J’habite a Coventry. Qu’est-ce que tu fais dans la vie? Je suis ecrivain.

Oops, sorry, did I just drop into French?  It just comes so naturally to me these days, it’s like my mother tongue.  OK so I have only been learning for around 10-15 minutes a day whilst I’m waiting for Grace to come out of school and this is pretty much all I know (and I can’t guarantee that it is correct) but I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with myself.

For one I have stuck with it for a couple of weeks now and for two, this is the first time I have felt like I could actually learn another language.  Whilst I have tried many times in the past (both French and Spanish), it has always felt like a bit of an impossibility.  It has also shown me just how much can be achieved in such a short period of time when you apply consistency.  Just 15 minutes a day and I feel like I am really progressing.  OK so when I go to Paris in April, I won’t be conversing with the natives about politics but I may be able to ask the way to the train station or, more importantly, for a glass of wine in a restaurant.

I’m trying to apply the same principle to every other area in my life.  Little and often, consistency, no firm and fast rules that and impossible not to break.  I feel a lot more relaxed about things, less pressure, less speculation and expectation, more going with the flow and having faith.   Like Rumi said, “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.”  What a nice way to live and what a weight off.

With this in mind, I’ve really been enjoying life.  I’ve been eating things that I haven’t had in a while (hot buttered toast, yum) with enjoyment and without guilt, I’ve been listening to my body and exercising dependant on how I feel, I’ve been getting plenty of rest and I’ve been reaping the rewards.

I also went for a run last week; the first in a long while.  A friend asked me to go and I warned her that I’d probably be rubbish; turns out I needn’t have worried.  We ran for an hour and I have to say, it was easy.  I was a bit smug until the next day and the day after that when I could barely walk.  My leg muscles seized up so much I felt sick.  Still, it was totally worth it; I had forgotten how much I love to run and the benefits that I get from it.

Everything finally feels like it’s coming together.  I feel good, strong and healthy; I’m surrounded by people who love and support me and I have an exciting year ahead of me.  Life is great.

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