And so it begins…

Having my daughter three years ago, I gave up my job to be a stay at home Mum (at least until she went to school) and thought that I’d have the time to dedicate to becoming what I’d always dreamed I’d be, a writer.  I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember but my problem is that I’m a writer who rarely writes.  I have good intentions but usually I’ll write for a couple of days and then stop.  I lack the motivation to be consistent.  Years ago I did gain some momentum with my writing and managed to complete a 100,000 word book.  I knew it wouldn’t be the next best seller but I reasoned that if nothing else, it would be practice for me.  So every week day (when I was meant to be working) I wrote 1,000 words until I reached my 100,000 word target.  And then…nothing.

Since then I’ve written the odd article and a blog about bringing up my daughter (but that was mainly so I could remember it all – sleep deprivation isn’t great for keeping the old memory alive) but have struggled to stay motivated. Then the other day I was reading an article in my running magazine about a woman who decided to start a running streak, where she would commit to running every day for as long as possible.  She reasoned that if she gave herself the choice whether to run or not, life often got in the way.  This way, it wouldn’t be a choice of if, but rather when she would run.  I liked the idea of this and in fact, I do it in other areas of my life so I know that it works.  For the past four months I have meditated twice a day every day.  I don’t give myself an option, I know consistency is key and like eating and sleeping, I fit it in (when I tried to meditate in the past I would last a couple of days and then stop). Similarly I exercise most days every week.  I know it is good for me and although it is hard, I make myself go to the gym or for a run.  I have never, ever had any time off (bar illness or the odd holiday and even on holiday I’ll try and fit something in) because I know that if I stop, it will be so hard to start again.

So I thought I’d start a writing streak and that is where this website comes in.   It’s a scary thought, that I’ll have to write every day.  Especially when I struggle with ideas at the best of times and especially when I have a three week holiday coming up.  Writing every day, plus meditating every day, plus exercising most days, plus cooking and cleaning and looking after my little girl, I don’t know how I’ll fit it all in.  Except, I don’t seem to have any problems finding time to check my Facebook profile umpteen times a day or catching up on the latest episodes of Neighbours and Revenge.

So my blog will contain whatever I’m thinking about when I come to write it.  More often than not it’ll probably be boring, lets face it I’m not a neurophysicist (hell I had to google how to spell it) or a Hollywood actress.  My life is pretty mundane (for the last year I have mainly talked about potty training to whoever would listen – don’t get me started) but we’ll see how it goes.

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